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Game id: com.xmqy.lls

琉璃煞 APK MOD 1.1.1 上古时期,四海八荒,六界并存,六阶修道不同,于是纷争不断,后三皇造“界壁”将六界分离,于是天地回归安宁万年之久。
In the ancient times, the four seas and eight wildernesses, the six realms coexisted, and the six levels of cultivation were different, so disputes continued. The latter three emperors created a “boundary wall” to separate the six realms, and the heaven and the earth returned to peace for thousands of years.
In the early Middle Ages, the three emperors had already returned to heaven and earth. The Lord of the Nether Realm Lanling You Lord has swelling ambitions and is uneasy in the Nether Realm. With the supreme mana and Wang Chenli, he breaks the “boundary wall” and leads the demons to invade the human realm. Terran Qingyuzi and Yuxuanji fought Lanling Youzhu, but Lanling Youzhu’s skills are so high that it is difficult to distinguish victory or defeat for a while. Hou Yuxuanji used the soul as the curse and the heart as the seal, and once again sealed the Lanling Youlord into the “boundary wall” for thousands of years, and the human world returned to peace, but Yu Xuanji was included in the “boundary wall” seal because of the three souls and seven souls. , No longer awakened, turning into a stone statue, Wang Chenli also wandered into the human world without a trace.
About 500 years after the war, although the human world successfully sealed the Lanling You Master into the “boundary wall” at the time of the war, some monsters failed to return to the secluded world. The Demon Cult was established. All of the Netherworld demons gathered here for a while, looking for Wangchenli, and attempted to break the “boundary wall” so that the Lanling You Lord once again descended on the Human World. The teacher acts in a concealed manner, and it is difficult to completely eradicate it.
In this world (about 800 years after the war), the war is approaching, and the human world is surging. A young man who wakes up from the river in Taoyuan Village is heading for the final chapter of fate or jumping out of the reincarnation of fate…

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App Name 琉璃煞
Package Name com.xmqy.lls
Version 1.1.1
Rating ( 109 )
Size 445.6 MB15.0 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2021-09-03
Installs 5,000+
Category Casual, Games