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Diplicity APK MOD 8a82229

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Description of Diplicity Apk mod (unlimited coins/gems) for android

Game id: se.oort.diplicity


Diplicity is a game running on devices compatible with Android 4.0.3 and having at least one Google account, and is the spiritual successor of Droidippy (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cx.ath.troja.droidippy).

It pits players against each other on a political stage where strategic acumen and diplomacy together bring you victory.

If you have never played dippy it could perhaps be explained as being a mix of Risk, Poker, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors. A game where winning without diplomacy is impossible. It was supposedly the favorite game of John Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.

If you have

– Problems, questions, comments, praise or complaints.
– Ideas for improvements, or other suggestions.
– Topics for discussion with other players.

send them to [email protected]

* Bring forth your diplomacy. Without diplomacy victory is impossible. Diplomacy is basically the name of the game.
* Several simultaneous games with random players or your friends from all over the world.
* Supported Variants: Fleet Rome, Ancient Mediterranean, Youngstown Redux and more!
* Create your own games, configure them to your liking and invite people to join the stabbing!
* Keeps track of your deadline reliability and quickness, and allows you to play only with players of high reliability and quickness.
* Keeps track of your Glicko (ELO variant) rating and allows you to play only with players of high rating.
* Lets you black-list players you hate, so that you’ll never see them or their games in the future.
* Keeps track of how much you have been black-listed, or black-listed others, and allows you to play only with players with low hater/hated score to be able to play only with thick skinned/courteous players.
* Lets you mute players that spam you, so that you’ll never have to stand their jabbering in the same game again.
* Vector based map with zooming, panning and click to enter orders.
* Instant messaging, one on one, subset of players and conference channels, in each game.
* Notifications when messages are sent and phases resolved.
* Browse history of games to check the performance of friend and foe alike.
* Clearly stated orders and results in text, if the point and click interface confuses.

* Diplicity is based on a well known board game created by Calhamer, also based on diplomacy, which I am forbidden from explicitly naming in the Play store.
* If you find that nobody commits in time or knows the rules make sure that you still commit your orders reliably, because if you build a good reliability score you’ll be able to play with more reliable players.
* Diplicity contains no explanations about the rules of the game. See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Diplomacy/Rules for a full description of the rules.
* Joining a game is serious business. A player that abandons a game will ruin the game for his or her fellow players. Please only join a game if you are actually interested in following it through to the end.

In response to negative comments: Please make it possible for me to reach you and get enough info about your issues to enable me to fix them, otherwise the game will keep being “rubbish” and “doesn’t work”. Why not send an email to [email protected]? If you care enough to write it down in a comment, don’t you care enough to let me fix your issue? I would like to think that you post the comments for other reasons than that you like writing bad reviews.
Add ability to create anonymised private games.
New Variant: 1800: Empires and Coalitions.
Added menu link to the Diplicity Discord chat.
New Variant: Europe 1939
Fixed the bug that prevented info popups when clicking on provinces belonging to other players.
New Variant: North Sea Wars
Add RSS feed to game settings menu to aid spectating games.
Randomise start state of nation preferences list.
Minor fix to chat layout.
New Variant: Twenty Twenty

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